Magic, Music, Art, and Dragons!

Children’s entertainers and activities 2020

More to come soon! Schedules tba

Location  & Time: Children’s Stage, 11:15 to 12:00

The Great Zucchini has been Washington DC’s #1 children’s entertainer for over 15 years. He has performed at the White House, Vice President’s House, 11 embassies, and is the only children’s entertainer to grace the stage of The World Famous DC Improv. The wonder of magic, silliness of comedy, and interactive nature of The Great Zucchini’s show keeps children on the edge of their seats. Come watch this staple of the DC metropolitan area!       Website

Location & Time:  Children’s Stage, 12:15 to 1:00

Groovy Nate is a children’s entertainer and Wolf Trap Teaching Artist who creates fun and educational shows using exotic musical instruments and puppet skits— a la Sesame Street meets Parliament/Funkadelic, meshed with The Electric Company, Kraftwerk, and Dub Reggae. The shows encourage children and adults to move, sing, and play creatively with one another, while exposing them to various genres of music.      Website  |   Facebook

Special guest – children’s book illustrator Xavier Salomó

In partnership with the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

Casal Catalan presents “St George & the Dragon”

Come watch a short play on the legend of St. George & the Dragon. (Did you know the “Day of the Book” has it’s origins in this fairytale legend?)

Free art, writing, and nature activities for kids!

Tell Your Story through Pictures!

Offered by Jenny Klein, author of books on teaching reading and writing through art. (See her website at ) All day near Fawcett St and Howard Ave.

Come out for a fun hands-on art/writing activity! Children will create a story trifold that uses pictures to tell their story. In this Lab, children will plan the beginning, middle, and end of their story and use colored pencils to illustrate their ideas to create a mini book. All levels of artists/writers welcomed! 

Using art to teach writing can be a powerful strategy to use to engage children in the writing process. Art is a motivating and non-threatening activity for many children. Creating pictures to tell a story allows children to record their ideas first, and use their artwork to tell their story verbally, prior to recording their ideas in writing. This oral rehearsal helps children to focus and clarify ideas before writing.

More children’s activities at the following tents:

Wheaton Arts Parade – Casal Catalan – iHeartRadio & more to be added!

… and children’s nature activities at the Earth Day program tent!

scavenger hunt image

Pick up a clue bag at the Welcome Table.  The hunt will take you through the festival.  Have fun solving the clues and filling your bag!