New Program! Catalonia on Stage – Celebrating the Origins of the “Day of the Book”

In partnership with the Smithsonian Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage we invite you to celebrate the Catalan origins of the “Day of the Book”.

Stay tuned for program schedules soon!

The La Rambla Stage is located at the corner of Howard Ave and Armory Ave. The Catalonia Stage is located on Fawcett St at Howard Ave. The Book-to-Plate Stage is located on Howard Ave west of Fawcett St.

Read about the Catalan origins of the “Day of the Book” HERE

Special guest author – Martí Gironell – on the La Rambla Stage.

Stars in His Eyes – Reaching for the stars in Your eyes

Based on the life of Jean Leon, famous restaurateur to Hollywood stars, presidents, and famous people, Stars in His Eyes is a story of dreams and success. Gironell will speak on reaching for your dreams through hard work, believing in yourself, and the importance of friendships. Touching on the Golden Age of Hollywood, the film industry of the past mid-century, and the world of fine wines and vineyards, Gironell weaves these themes through a story that is just as relevant today.

Martí Gironell i Gamero (Besalú, 1971) is a journalist and writer. His debut, The Bridge of the Jews, is the biggest bestselling historical novel ever written by a Catalan author and has sold over 100.000 copies. He’s written several novels set in different periods of Catalan history featuring universal protagonists. He currently works at the Catalan national television TV3 and writes for the newspaper El Punt Avui. He is considered a master of the historical commercial genre and his novels have brought renewed interest and fame to forgotten yet fascinating figures of Southern Europe’s history.

Special musical guest – Joan Garriga & the Galàctic Mariatxis – on the Catalonia Stage, with an earlier preview on the La Rambla Stage.

Listen here!

Joan Garriga & the Galàctic Mariatxis are four musicians who connect the festive music of the Romani community in Catalonia with other popular music genres, creating a dialogue between different groups. Besides rumba catalana, which developed in Barcelona’s Romani community, they include other genres such as reggae, ballenato, cumbia, flamenco, and balería. The musical diversity and energy in their shows strives to connect the audience in emotion. They have recently released their first EP.

Special guest author – Roser Caminals – on the Catalonia Stage

“On writing and translating The American Seduction.

See her youTube video here

Roser Caminals-Heath (b. 1956), a Barcelona native, is a literary translator and prize-winning novelist. Caminals-Heath earned her master’s and doctoral degrees at the University of Barcelona. She won an award from the Spanish embassy for her English translation of Emilia Pardo Bazan’s The House of Ulloa, and her own work has been published in three languages. In 1996, her novel Les herbes secretes (The secret herbs) won first prize in the Jocs Florals de la Diàspora contest, for expatriate authors writing in Catalan. She has also published a nonfiction book, La seducció americana (The American seduction), which draws on her experiences in the United States, where she has lived since 1981. The Street of the Three Beds is the first in a trilogy that depicts Barcelona at the turn of the twentieth century. Caminals-Heath is a professor of Spanish at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, and is married to author William Heath.

Special guest children’s book author – Xavier Salomó – on the Catalonia Stage.

Special Guest Cook – Eva Olivares – on the Book-to-Plate Stage

What’s cooking in Catalonia?

See her website and cooking videos here!

As her alter-ego Evacuinera, Eva Olivares is passionate about cooking and discovering new recipes. Since 2012 she has written a blog dedicated to easy recipes that anyone can make. On her youtube channel, Evacuinera, she demonstrates her recipes, gives tips, and reviews products, all with her natural humor. On her youtube show she has cooked with some of the greatest chefs in Barcelona, including Fran Agudo, from the restaurant Tickets, and Joan Roca of the Celler de Can Roca, named the second best restaurant in the world.

The Casal Catala presents “Sant Jordi” – a play for children of all ages – on the Catalonia Stage.

Legend has it that Saint George, Patron Saint of Catalonia and international knight-errant, slew a dragon about to devour a beautiful Catalan princess. From the dragon’s blood sprouted a rosebush, from which the hero plucked the prettiest rose for the princess. And from this legend sprouted the medieval “festival of the rose”, the origin of the “Day of the Book”. Join the Casal Catala of Washington DC as they recreate this legend for children and adults alike.

Dancing the Sardana – Everyone can join in!

The Sardana is the national dance of Catalonia and it’s easy to learn! Danced in a circle, members of the Casal Catala, in traditional dress, will teach us the steps. Children and adults alike can join in. A nice way to end the festival!